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Article Submission Terms Must Be Read And Agreed To With Submission Of Article and Related Information Requested


The Wellness Universe publishes articles for submission on our website (blog), and various forms of social media. Our sole focus is providing information geared to inspire or educate our readers throughout the world.

While The Wellness Universe welcomes a link or a short (up to 3 lines) bio at the end of your article, to your website, articles (submissions) are not to promote yourself or your product. The Wellness Universe accepts only articles (submissions) with the intent to express your knowledge in the field or genre in which you are expert in or working in. A well written article without direct promotion will drive readers to your own page based on your knowledge as expressed in your submission.

The following forms of submission are considered:

All work must be original and not previously published in any form, digital or print. Upload your file to the form to the right and be sure your REAL name is used as you applied to the Wellness Universe. Your Email address must be accurate, as the 'form' cannot be replied to. Pick 4 keywords relevant to the article you are submitting and pick 1 Wellness category. You have the option to include relevant images, and a profile photo for your bio (we strongly suggest you submit one).

Once it is published on The Wellness Universe, you agree to wait 90 days from the day it first runs to re-publish your work on your own site or medium. Although we publish your article, you still retain full rights to the article.

Written fiction and non-fiction up to 1200 words. At the top of your article submission please write: REAL Name, What name to use as 'Author', Facebook page name, website & blog links

We do provide the header for your post. Any images submitted to enhance your work must be your own or be properly credited. All material submitted must be legally yours to distribute. Please submit a profile photo for your bio (your face/headshot 200 x 200 image size)

You must be the originator of the submission. If there are additional contributors, each must sign and submit the submission agreement. If your article is selected you will be emailed the submission to be returned within 5 business days. 

Your submission is not automatically published, all submissions are subject to review.

You are required to agree to these terms when submitting your article by checking box on right, and you agree that you will not submit your story to any other publication for a period of thirty days.

Being selected to have your article published is a great way to get your name out there as an expert in your industry. You will NOT be compensated for your submission.

We do ask you to share a link to your submission on WU, to your email list and all your social media platforms when it goes live.

The only changes WU editorial staff will make to your written submission will be spelling corrections and formatting.

All written submissions must be typewritten. Any work submitted using text-message type spelling will not be considered. Type out all words please.

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