"As a direct result of joining

The Wellness Universe

I have created a brand new product and a new side business. An amazing group of people." ~Steven Aitchison


"The Wellness Universe is a helpful and supportive group of intelligent, creative, original, spiritual and spirited wellness leaders" ~ Sarah K Rajkotwala

Love In Action

"As a small biz owner, I am part of many networking and mentoring groups. Some offer support for blogging and writing, others for online marketing, website dev, SEO—you name it. I have never found a community as welcoming and supportive as Wellness Universe. I WANT to check in every day and see what’s going on. And—here’s the amazing part—the information that is shared in WU is actually more insightful, more comprehensive, more relevant to my business, and more valuable than some of the $$ training and seminars that I’ve participated in. I feel very blessed to be included in this very loving Wellness Universe!"                          

~ Robyn Wahlgast

'New Direction Dating'     

"So Blessed to be a part of

The Wellness Universe, beautiful, conscious collaborations"         

~ Kimberley Lovell  

 'Kimberley Lovell - Spiritual Intuitive Healer & Holistic Business Mentor'

"Being a member of The Wellness Universe allows me to be involved with like-minded people, striving for similar goals of being the best they can be, and offering that person to the world. We all have business interests that assist people in all facets of being whole and well. Support, love, help and kindness is offered freely and openly by the members of the Group. To be involved with such wonderful Group, with so much encouragement and commitment by the Admins is hard to find, and I am very grateful to be a member along with the Best of the Best on Facebook."

~ Lynda Kaplan   'Loving Me'  page

"The Wellness Universe is one of the best resources around. It is a wonderful group, and is wonderful to be in an environment where everyone is trying to make a difference." 

 ~ Diana Marconi  

'The Greatest Things in Life Can't be Touched'    

"The Wellness Universe has taken bold and courageous steps to shine the spotlight on world betterment, and the true artists, healers, and writers whose works contribute to this lofty but joyous goal! Oneness Happens Here is profoundly grateful!"

~ Barbara Pryor-Smith   

'Oneness Happens Here'


'We are MORE than a directory for users. We are a Facebook group focused on supporting and educating one another with information to achieve success ~ FREE .'

~ The Wellness Universe

"This amazing new site

The Wellness Universe Directory

is the first of it's kind to offer everyone amazing resources at their fingertips to find whatever they are seeking at the time. I am honoured to be amongst these wonderful group of pioneers venturing into the Universe as Souls committed to "Making a Difference" in our world…. Namaste"

~ Allison Sara

Walking My Talk - All 1 son

"The Wellness Universe offers a wonderful variety of like minded individuals who support, Love and encourage each other in our quest for making the World a better place. I am truly honored to be among such beautiful souls."

~ Kimberly Bayne

Optimistic Guidance

"A collective group of heart centered Facebook pages working to create a better life and a better world for us all."

~ Eileen Anglin


"Honored to be a member of The Wellness Universe where the best have joined to change the world"

Member & Co-Founder

Sheila Burke

"I am thrilled to be part of such an inspiring group! www.thewellnessuniverse.net is supporting and is changing lives!" ~ Kristine Marie

'W.O.W. (Words of Wisdom)'

"I am Happy and Grateful to be a part of this awe inspiring page The Wellness Universe. The diverse group of pages that applies to all aspects of our Health and Well being"

~ Cheri Ann Revill

Happiness With Ease

"I am SOOOOO Excited to be welcomed in and part of this most Incredible network community of ALL different types of wellness FB pages and websites. Such a great resource for just about any type of growth you are looking for or want to be involved with."

~ Holly Ruttenbur Dickinson

Hollyisms and Poetry

"Being a member of

The Wellness Universe helps me to spread caring and love for all humanity, with like minded people."

~ Glynne Boucher

The Birth of Humanity

"Good people, doing great things, held to the highest of standards." 

~ Leslie Sommers

'Inner Calm Reiki'

"I appreciate the tips, the daily red carpet introductions, the energy and positive vibes from everyone . Thank you to the administrators for all the support and everything that you do to keep it flowing. This is a very nice group."

Peace & smiles , Maria

'Mystic Sounds & Spiritual Chocoholics'

"The Wellness Universe has done a beautiful job of uniting Facebook pages of exceptional integrity, inspiration, and knowledge who offer mental, physical and emotional tips for a well balanced life. Thank you Wellness Universe...well done."

~ Sandy Evans Pullin

Reiki Balance N Bliss

"The Wellness Universe network provides leadership, direct resources, support, guidance and encouragement to all it's members. A place to unite, helping us to be the best we can be, in turn, we, inspire and serve. It is a privilege and honor to be a part of this groundbreaking resource, designed and planned by our dedicated admins. Feeling beyond blessed and grateful for this opportunity."

~ Sandra Starnino-Lonardo

Soulful Language

"Being part of The Wellness Universe is an awesome opportunity to surround yourself with like minded people who are willing to help, guide and support you as you step into your own journey of helping others through your unique talents and gifts."

~ Michelle Amor

Journey To Awareness

"I’m honoured to be part of The Wellness Universe where heart-centered leaders join together to change the world."

~Christine Callahan Oke

'The Brighter Side of Life'

"If you're serious about causing transformation and want to surround yourself with like-minded leaders, I highly recommend checking out The Wellness Universe. The tips, tools and strategies shared daily, will powerfully grow your social media reach, as well as your business. Exquisite group."                          

 ~ Shawne Duperon, 6-Time EMMY winner, Project: Forgive Founder

"Very honored and grateful to be a part of this amazing group with even more amazing individuals who's purpose here is to spread the message of positive, life altering wellness with an emphasis through inspirarion, uplifting encourage and support. Thank you."

Owen Kevin Massey


"I am astonished by the generosity of The Wellness Universe community and the wealth of resources and support. THANK YOU!"

- Kimberley Jones

Kimberley Jones

"The Wellness Universe is the best network I've encountered anywhere. It's united team of wonderful people with strong support for each other. Together we can make the world a better place. The group gives us more power and more opportunities to do so. I'm grateful for the Wellness Universe, it truly is an amazing place. I'm truly privileged to be part of it."

~ Fay Agathangelou

Fay Agathangelou - Life Coach

"Inspiring, exciting, supportive...so many things..Everything from Tech Support to Business Tips. Movers and shakers of the Wellness Industry. To be watched for important works. Join if you want to succeed Type your paragraph here."

~ Renae Sauter

~~Create-Fate Enterprises

"l am honored to be part of an amazing group that is revolutionizing and transforming lives daily. If you'd like to be part of the best there is where knowledge, love and care abound-- I encourage you to check out www.TheWellnessUniverse.net  

This will be a wonderful opportunity to expand your business' exposure and social media engagement."

     ~ Astrid H-Vlahakis


"The Wellness Universe has brought so much positive energy, support and professionalism to Facebook page-owners. I'm forever grateful for it and the leadership it provides, otherwise so many of us page-owners just drift here and there, not knowing where to get together with like-minded people. Time will tell the difference Wellness Universe makes in our lives and in the lives of our audience. Thank you to all the admins and all the members for this precious community. With Gratitude & Blessings xo"

~ Liping Feng, Ph.D.

Breathing Happiness

"At last a place for all wellness workers to join together. We are inspired, supported, energised and it is an amazing experience to be part of. Together with amazing people the journey has just begun."

~ Helen Locmelis


"So blessed to be a part of and member The Wellness Universe such a great group of people. They offer such amazing support of all their members"

~ Anne-Marie Wiesman

'Follow Your Song'

"The Wellness Universe has opened doors and windows of love and happiness into my life. It's a community of giving that I take from daily."

~ Kriz Armytage

Hunting Happiness Project

"Being a member of this group is like finding your tribe after a long walk through a desert. The collective energy, learning and sharing is phenominal as are the admins. Feel very honoured, privileged and blessed to be a member of this world changing group of dedicated, inspiring folk."

~Cheryl O'Connor

Cheoco Enterprises